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Fast track physiotherapy
and agile care

Our unique physiotherapy service provides responsive, easily accessible care. Physiotherapy is provided by our own expert TelePhysios and chartered physiotherapists from our national network. The TelePhysio service ensures that clients receive prompt, accessible and consistent, evidence-based treatment and advice.

The emphasis of our physiotherapy service is on the restoration of function and incorporates interventions based on movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice Our team of highly qualified physiotherapists can draw on expertise from all the main medical specialities including orthopaedics, neurology, pain management and spinal cord injury.

Whatever the nature of the injury, our physiotherapists apply a systematic, evidence-based approach to each case, incorporating:
• A comprehensive initial assessment.
• Provision of a diagnosis or clinical hypothesis.
• Implementation of an agreed treatment programme.
• Recommendations for on-going self-management.

Early telephone contact and support by experienced practitioners is a highly effective and accessible way of providing the right sort of advice and complements face to face intervention.

We enhance our clients’ care by utilising all communication methods. When necessary we also oversee locally provided care to ensure that our client is receiving the most appropriate treatment at the right time; we call this Agile Care.

Agile Care is delivered by TelePhysios and TeleTherapists supervised by our senior Rehab Managers. All our TelePhysios and TeleTherapists are experienced practitioners registered with the appropriate professional body.

Our team of specialist TelePhysios are successful in managing clients who have sustained soft tissue injuries such as whiplash associated disorder. TelePhysio is extremely effective in conveying the crucial initial advice and support to the client in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

TelePhysio is also used for early and expert evaluation of clients with more complex injuries.

TeleTherapists support clients to deal with psychological symptoms resulting from the incident and identify when more enhanced psychological assessment is indicated. This approach is the best way of mitigating the risks of clients developing long-term, persistent problems.

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Sally Conk
Aviva Head Office