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Return to work – vocational rehabilitation

Empowering clients to return to work is a key goal in our approach to rehabilitation. We are committed to the premise that work is good for you. We use a range of interventions to support our clients at all stages of the return to work process.
Through effective employment rehabilitation, we increase our clients’ independence with a person-centred approach addressing their physical, psychological and social needs. Our interventions include:

Workplace evaluation

Designed to assess the physical and cognitive demands of a specific job. Our evaluation will inform the rehabilitation required to return to a specific role, will identify ergonomic adjustments needed to modify the workplace or work practice and will determine whether the job being assessed is realistic for the individual client.

Functional capacity evaluation (FCE)

This will produce an objective evaluation of our clients’ physical and cognitive readiness to return to work. FCE will identify barriers and inform the rehabilitation necessary to overcome them.

Employment re-direction

To help clients who are unable to return to former employment. We work with clients to establish how their qualifications, experience, transferable skills and interests enable identification of new employment options.

Job application support

To help clients in all aspects of the job selection process including writing an application, contacting an employer and preparing for interview. We provide employment rehabilitation as part of an overall package or as a stand-alone service.

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Sally Conk
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